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Bergantino forté HP2 amplifier

Bergantino forté HP2 amplifier

SKU: fortehp2

The Bergantino Forte HP2 HAS ARRIVED!

Don't forget your earplugs!!!


This amp is so delicious, so addictive, so punchy, so warm, so clean, so SO everything!

My ears have been ringing for a couple days -- yeah, I had to see what it could do.  

I only got the master up a little past 10 o'clock, but that was more than plenty.

Did I mention how AMAZING it SOUNDS?

In a blindfolded test, you would swear it was a tube amp, it has all the heft, all the low end grunt, all the sheer horsepower of a 50+ pound tube amp.  But then add a low pass filter, a high pass filter, a variable compressor, a bunch of tasty options for overdrive, distortion and fuzz, buttons for mid punch and bright boost, and support for running a pair of 4 ohm cabs in parallel for a net load of 2 ohms, and what have you got?  A BEAST of an amp!

I'll try to stop gushing.  You can read about it in detail here.

Or you can skip that, because all you really need to know is that YOU NEED ONE!


I have a few in stock now, and more on the way.

Get yours today, and prepare to be blown away.

But don't skimp on the hearing protection.   No kidding.

This thing should come with a warning from the Surgeon General!


Demo video coming soon, as soon as my ears stop ringing.


Price includes free shipping to the Continental USA.



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