Bergantino HG312

Bergantino HG312

Bergantino Audio ‘Holo-Graphic’ HG312 3-12” Sealed design, 3-12” Neodymium Magnet Woofers (one in the rear to create a 3-dimensional sound field)

With its huge, balanced tone, the new HG312 sits perfectly amidst its brethren in the lineup. The sweet, never harsh sounding highs, coupled with a smooth, balanced midrange and low end, deliver big cab performance in a light, small footprint package.  This cabinet performs well above its size and weight.  The rear firing 12” speaker provides a sonically charged heavyweight blanket of bass that has to be experienced first-hand.  If you are a gigging bassist looking for a true “one cab solution”, look no further.  The HG312 is a workhorse with a canvas that can cover any genre of music.

The “little” brother to the HG412, the HG312 is a sealed cabinet design for immediate and accurate bass response. Additionally, the high quality, reference tweeter produces those airy and transparent highs, along with a rear-firing woofer that creates a three-dimensional sound field. It’s available in black Bronco Tolex with the Bergantino gold logo. All internal components within each Bergantino Audio Systems’ products are designed with the highest quality and dependability for an accurate, distinct sound. No “off-the-shelf” parts are ever used.

Woofers with neodymium magnet materials are used for the low frequency section of the HG series cabinets, creating a very clear sound with a punchy low-end, sweet midrange and reduced weight. The HG series cabinets utilize a High Intelligible Compression Driver mated to a Constant Directivity Horn to ensure consistent coverage from the lowest to highest notes.

The HG312 provides true, big cab performance with a medium-sized form factor, coming in at only 49 pounds! This cab can handle big stages around the world without breaking a sweat. Due to its innovative, rear-firing driver, the player is enveloped in bass tone when he or she stands directly in front of their rig. This concept provides multiple pathways of sound to the player’s ear, again, leading to the 3-dimentional soundscape. One of the side benefits is NOT having to engage in volume wars because one can more easily hear and feel the bass signal. Your sound tech will certainly appreciate this approach.

The proprietary drivers are unique and specially designed to give the player a tight, quick and accurate response. This, in turn, rewards the bassist with visceral feedback – once reserved for the biggest of cabinets – until now. The HG312 will easily compete with any backline cabinet. It is truly an all-out assault on your senses. If you want to “FEEL” and produce top level bass tone, the HG312 is your solution.
Specs Include:

  • Woofer: 3-12” Neodymium Magnet Woofers (one in the rear to create a 3- dimensional sound field)
  • Tweeter: High Intelligibility Compression Driver w/ Constant Directivity Horn
  • Cabinet Design: Sealed
  • Cabinet Material: Lightweight Italian Poplar w/Baltic Birch Baffle
  • Cabinet Covering: Black Bronco Tolex
  • Impedance: 5.3 ohms
  • Power Handling: 750 W RMS
  • Crossover: Custom Phase-Coherent Crossover w/ Tweeter Control
  • Frequency Response: 42Hz – 15kHz
  • Sensitivity: 101 dB @ 2.83v /1-meter
  • Dimensions: 31” H x 18 1/2 ”W x 15”D
  • Weight: 49 lbs.