Partial Deposit for Kiesel Icon 5 Fretless

Partial Deposit for Kiesel Icon 5 Fretless

This is a deposit toward the purchase of a Kiesel Icon 5-string fretless bass with options as shown in the image. 

This non-refundable deposit indicates your commitment to purchase the bass.  

In addition to this $125 partial deposit, you must also pay an additional $657.58 deposit at the time the order is placed with Kiesel.

Build time is expected to be approximately 3 months.

After the bass is completed, your card will automatically be charged the $2,231.72 balance due, and the bass will be shipped directly to you.

After you have confirmed that these specifications are 100% correct, please call John Fox Bass at (845) 679-9013 to complete the deposit process and place the order.