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Stradi Symphony 5 Fretless - maple hollowbody with oak top

Stradi Symphony 5 Fretless - maple hollowbody with oak top

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2023 Stradi Symphony 5 Fretless as seen at the Mannheim Guitar Summit in Germany


Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a sucker for a beautiful fretless bass, especially one that can be set up with very low action for lots of mwah.  This gorgeous work of playable art from Poland ticks all the boxes: It is beautiful, it is a total joy to play, it sounds fantastic, and it is very light, only 9.0 lbs.!


Master luthier Marek Dabek has been building violins since 2002. (Can you tell?!)

His skills translated very well to building electric basses, and especially fretless ones, when he decided to start building basses a few years ago. 


This bass features a maple body with an oak top adorned in decorative copper inlays. 


The 5-piece neck has a maple core, flanked by purpleheart stringers, and afrormosia on the outside.

The 34" scale fingerboard is Indian ebony.

The fretlines are marked on the edge (with glow-in-the-dark material!), and the top of the board features an elegant pattern of position marker inlays made of copper, matching the copper side dots and copper ring around the perimeter of the body.


This bass has two pickups: a Delano Xtender HE quad coil with a 3-way coil selector switch, and a custom Stradi Piezo pickup hidden inside the body. The 3-way toggle selects between Series, Parallel, and Hum-canceling Singlecoil mode for the Delano pickup.

The 3 knobs are: Volume, Pickup Blend (pan between magnetic and piezo), and Tone.


The nut width is 1  13/16" and the string spacing is 18mm at the bridge, making it feel familiar and comfortable.


This specimen was the star of the Stradi booth at Mannheim, and I am lucky and honored to be able to make it available here in the USA. 


The bass will come to you in a form fitting rectangular hardshell case. (It's the nicest case that I have ever seen!)


Price includes free shipping within the Continental USA.

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