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About John Fox Bass

John began playing double bass in 1976, and electric bass in 1978. He quickly discovered Stanley Clarke and Geddy Lee, and was instantly hooked.

John's passion for bass guitars and all things bass eventually led to the creation of a large and finely curated collection of top quality instruments from builders such as Alembic, Alleva-Coppolo, Dingwall, Fender, Fodera, G&L, Jerzy Drozd, Ken Smith, Lakland, LeFay, Marleaux, Martin Keith, Maruszczyk, Mike Lull, MTD, Pedulla, Roscoe, Sadowsky, Sandberg, Skjold, Spector, Stambaugh, Veillette, Vigier, Wal, Warrior, Warwick, and Zon. 

Every used bass John acquires is lovingly cared for and restored to as close to new condition as possible, including receiving a thorough cleaning and professional setup. His setups have received universal rave reviews.

John began selling portions of his extensive collection in 2019, primarily on (username xnewyorka). After selling 62 basses and receiving overwhelming positive feedback from 100% of the buyers of these fine instruments, John has decided to pursue a long time dream of helping bassists around the world to obtain a very special and hard-to-find instrument that is perfectly suited to their specific playing style and musical needs, and set up for perfect playability based on their personal preferences. 

With that goal in mind, John is pleased to have been chosen to represent some of the very finest bass builders in the industry, Adamovic and Dingwall, and also has the pleasure of carrying amplifiers and cabinets from Bergantino Audio Systems and GR Bass, and the finest Italian leather straps made by Richter in Germany. To date, over 500 lucky customers have purchased the bass of their dreams at John Fox Bass. Reach out today to find out firsthand what is so special about the John Fox Bass purchase experience.

In addition to carrying inventory from these brands, John can also help you place a custom order for an Adamovic or Dingwall bass built to your exact specifications.

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