Customer Testimonials received on (username 'xnewyorka')  and Reverb 

04/12/2020 Words can't explain how much I love my first Dingwall. Absolutely solid. And light. Everything felt great right out of the box. Highly recommend instrument and seller. 10 out of 10!  (Dingwall NG2 on Reverb)

04/10/2020 Absolutely THE BEST to deal with, PERIOD!!  I love all my buyers and sellers on Talkbass. But, John exceeds all expectations when it comes to buying a bass from someone! He has shipped two basses to me and I’ve been speechless both times! I don’t know how he keeps them mint and ships them so perfectly polished and spotless, with a perfect setup! It’s crazy! Thank you doesn’t cut it... but THANK YOU John!! (Fender '58 Precision Reissue)

04/04/2020 Knowledgeable and a service orientation without peer. (Adamovic Soul on Reverb)

03/26/2020 Nice axe, reasonably priced, and set up well. Posted as excellent condition, but I could barely find a scratch, would have passed for mint. Prompt shipping. (Pat Wilkins P/J on Reverb)

03/22/2020 I had a fantastic experience buying this bass from John Fox. He definitely knows how to take care of his customers and does it because he has a passion for basses. What a great guy to work with and gives a personal touch to what he does.

03/05/2020 Are your *sure* this was used? It looks brand new to me. 3x "Thank you." :-)  (EBMM Caprice on Reverb)

02/24/2020 -- Absolutely one of the best people I’ve worked with here on TB. Went far beyond what most would to make sure I was happy with the deal. Was very professional and shipped very fast. LeFay bass was exactly as he described and he threw in a nice set of tools. A real diamond for sure. (LeFay Herr Schwarz)

01/13/2020 -- Great seller. Would absolutely do business with [John] again. All basses extremely well cared for. A++++++ experience. Thank you!!  I posted the following review in the primary sale thread of [John]'s large collection of basses. It's a bit long, but relevant for anyone considering a purchase from [John]:

I am making this post to highlight my very positive experiences buying instruments from [John]. The basses and guitars for sale in this listing are a wonderful opportunity for someone in the market for purchasing one of the models available. The care of each instrument has been phenomenal, which can be reassuring to know when buying online without having had the opportunity to play the instrument before purchasing.

I spent an afternoon with [John]recently, playing on a majority of the basses that remain for sale. It was like going to a bass museum. All the basses are stored in a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment. Many of the basses are in mint or near mint condition. ALL of the basses have been magnificently maintained and serviced. Some of these basses have had hours of work done on them by [John]in order to return them to a pristine playing condition. His ability to fine-tune the setup on each bass is as good as any professional master technician.

The superlatives used throughout this thread to describe the basses for sale as well as [John]himself are well-deserved. First, he is an incredibly nice guy, approachable, enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable about all things related to the bass. Second, he knows these instruments extremely well. Third, his investment of time and expertise in maintaining each bass is a hidden yet significant value-added to each instrument. If you buy one of these basses, you are not only buying the bass; you are buying the expertise of [John]to ensure the bass is in the very best condition that it can be. I experienced this as having a professional-level of quality control built right into the sale of each bass. Sure, this quality control is being provided by the seller, but [John]’s approach to bass maintenance involves a strong attention to detail that a buyer will benefit from.

In full disclosure, I ended up buying three basses from [John]: one for a child (lightweight with a narrow neck for small hands), one for traveling on planes (a lower cost bass to limit my heartbreak if it is damaged or stolen in transit), and one high caliber, professional-level workhorse of a 5-string bass that feels great to play, has fantastic tone, and is a perfect complement to the ’78 Fender P-bass that I’ve been playing since 1981.

Given the substantial number of basses and guitars that [John] continues to have listed for sale, I thought I would take a moment to post a review of my experience buying from him. I am really pleased with the bass purchases I made, and I only have positive things to write about my experience of communicating and transacting with [John].

01/13/2020 - Thank you John for the great bass and communication through the process!!

12/31/2019 - Pleasure to deal with, thanks man! Hey thanks. It arrived late Sunday and I just got to spend some time with it. What a nice instrument! Now to put in the work to learn to play it! 

12/21/2019 - Great TB'er. Accurate description. Excellent care & maintenance of bass. Clear communication. Stellar experience. Would definitely buy from/sell to again. A+++  (Spector NS2A)

12/18/2019 - Terrific TB'er, great communications, good packing, fantastic bass. (Sadowsky NYC Vintage P/J 4)

11/15/2019 Excellent service, superb packaging and overall details. Top notch gear in optimus shape. Great experience. Highly recommended!!! (Sandberg VM-5 on Reverb)

11/07/2019 Great communication. Bass is just as described. Excellent, secure packaging. Super happy! Thanks! (G&L L2000 on Reverb)

10/21/2019 - Great seller--easy, friendly transaction, good price, product exactly as described. (Dingwall P-Tone pickup)

09/16/2019 Awesome seller. Item as described with great communication and super fast shipping. AAA+++ (Fender Precision on Reverb)

09/05/2019 - Absolutely as described, great communication, very carefully packaged, new strings! THANK YOU! (EBMM StingRay 5)

08/29/2019 Packed carefully, shipped quickly, and exactly as described. This seller went above and beyond to make this a positive experience. (G&L L2000 on Reverb)

08/21/2019 Bottom line, I am very happy to have purchased this fabulous instrument! In addition, I am most impressed with the seller's knowledge and willingness to interract with me on the front end, set up the instrument impeccably and ship it as promised. Couldn't ask for more! (Marleaux Diva on Reverb)

08/11/2019 Really a phenomenally lovely instrument in all ways - build quality, balance, tone, playability. As-described and delivered promptly. Remarkable attention to transaction detail, to quality of communication, and to my satisfaction. (Warrior DM5 on Reverb)

08/08/2019 - Excellent throughout -- above and beyond. Thank you! Promptly shipped, good communication, carefully packaged, as described, new strings on the bass! Thanks! (EBMM StingRay 5)

07/31/2019 - I got a Lull M5V from John’s collection, was even better than described! Answered all questions, made a demo video and shipped it the next day! Excellent seller! (Mike Lull M5V)

07/26/2019 - Great TB'r! Pleasure to deal with.  Fantastic transaction with a great guy. Very knowledgeable about high end basses and fantastic communication throughout. This kind of deal is why I love talkbass. Getting to meet fellow bass enthusiasts who share the same passion that I have. I look forward to continued contact with John and am would gladly buy, sell or trade with him in the future. (Ken Smith White Tiger)

07/25/2019 - buy with confidence! John is by far the best Seller I’ve dealt with! He is 100 percent committed to offering you a great service. He gives great descriptions ( including videos) and even pointed out the one little tiny blemish that was on the back of the bass! Buy with confidence! He meticulously packaged the bass for shipping and gave the bass a few adjustments! I couldn’t have asked for a better buying experience (or a better bass!) (Roscoe SKB Fretless)

07/23/2019 Fantastic transaction and seller! The seller went out of his way to work with me and allow me to buy this bass back again. Great communication, generous and accommodating. Very responsive, professional, and fast shipping with great packing. I would certainly buy from this seller again. Highly recommended! Thank you! (Alembic Series I on Reverb)

07/17/2019 - Excellent Seller. Could not be more pleased with the buying experience. Thank you so much! A++++  I recently purchased 2 Fender Basses. They are awesome! I had only intended on purchasing 1 but I was shown an unbelievable fender fretless bass that I could not pass on. Thank you for taking the time to explain the basses to me, show me them and tell me all you know about them. You even assisted in setting them up for me. They were exactly as described and you really were a wealth of knowledge. You take excellent care of your basses and it shows in the quality of your instruments. Again, thank you very much. I can't stress that enough.