Contact John Fox Bass by phone or email to order a custom Dingwall Afterburner, D-Roc Custom, Super series, Z3, Lee Sklar, or Prima Artist bass, hand built in Canada to your exact specifications.

The following new Dingwall basses are on order and available for pre-sale now through John Fox Bass:


4-String Customs

- Super J Fretless, "Jaco bass" (item 2112)

- Super P, Shell Pink (item 2115)

- D-Roc Custom, Black Limba body, Satin Natural finish, blacked out Maple neck, Wenge fb, Luminlay side dots (item 2041)

- ABZ, Trans Black (item 2124)

5-String Customs

- Afterburner I, Ferrari Green (item 2121)

- Afterburner II Fretless (item 2113)

- Super J, Surf Green (item 2116)

- Lee Sklar, Ari Gold (item 2117)

- Super J, Northern Ash body, X-Top (item 2118)

- Z3, Birdseye Maple Top (item 2119)

- Z3, Walnut Burl Top (item 2120)

- Z1, Fretless (item 2122)

- ABZ, Tobacco Sunburst (item 2123)

- D-Roc Custom, Matte Metallic Black (item 2125)

- Z3, Ferrari Red, Wenge neck (item 2126)

- Afterburner I, X-Top (item 2127)

- Afterburner II, Arbutus Burl top (item 2038)

5-String Imports

- D-Roc Gloss Metalflake Aquamarine, Pau Ferro fb, Standard Headstock  (due date TBD)

- D-Roc Matte Blue to Purple Colorshift, Pau Ferro fb, Standard Headstock (due date TBD) 

- D-Roc Matte Vintage Burst, Pau Ferro fb, Standard Headstock (due date TBD)

- NG3, Ducati White (due date TBD)

- NG3, Gloss Black (due date TBD)

6-String Customs

- Z2, Birdseye Maple Fretboard (item 2029)

- Afterburner I, Spaulted Maple Burl (item 2130)

- Afterburner I, Ferrari Yellow (item 2128)

- ABZ, Trans Indigo (item 2129)

- Z3, X-top, Ziricote fretboard w/Topwood Block Inlays (item 2130)

- Z3, Redwood Lace Burl, BEM fretboard (item 2035)

- Afterburner I, Spalted Maple (item 2039)

If you would like to buy a Custom Dingwall, or a Combustion, D-Roc, NG2 or NG3 that is not listed above, contact John Fox Bass and we can order it for you.