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The following new 5-string Dingwall basses are on order and available for pre-sale now through John Fox Bass:

5-String Customs

- Afterburner I, Shedua x-top, wenge neck/fb, Darkglass (item 2143)

- D-Roc Custom, Matte Metallic Black (item 2125)

- Super J, "Adam Clayton" Sherwood Green Metallic, white pearloid pg, wenge w/white blocks (item 2158)

5-String Imports

- D-Roc Standard, Gloss Metalflake Aquamarine (due date TBD)

- D-Roc Standard, Matte Metallic Black (due date TBD)

- NG3, Matte Celestial Blue (due Nov, 2022)

- NG3, Matte Celestial Blue (due Feb, 2023)

- NG3, Ducati White (due May, 2023)

- Lefty NG3, Matte Celestial Blue (due July, 2023)

If you would like to buy a Combustion, D-Roc or NG3 that is not listed above, contact John Fox Bass and we can order it for you.

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