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Deposit for Dingwall Import bass (NG2, NG3, Combustion, D-Roc Standard)

Deposit for Dingwall Import bass (NG2, NG3, Combustion, D-Roc Standard)

SKU: dingwallimport

This is a deposit for the purchase of a Dingwall import bass, including the Combustion, Combustion NG-2, Combustion NG-3, and D-Roc Standard models.

This deposit indicates your commitment to purchase the bass.  (See Refund Policy on Store Policies page.)


When the bass is ready to be delivered to you and you are ready to complete the purchase, the remaining balance will be due. The entire amount of this deposit will be applied toward toward the final purchase price.  So you will only pay the remaining balance due.  For example, if the bass price is $2,620, then the remaining balance of $2,370 will be due at the time of delivery.


You can choose a bass that is currently in stock, or a bass that is already on order, or you can order a specific model and color (as long as it is a model and color that is still in current production.)   

When purchasing a bass that is not already in stock or on order, it is best to check with John Fox Bass for approximate delivery timeframe before placing your order.


Available models include:


Combustion - 4, 5 or 6 strings

Combustion NG-2 - 4, 5 or 6 strings

Combustion NG-3 - 4, 5 or 6 strings

D-Roc Standard - 4 or 5 strings


Your order will be placed with Dingwall immediately (if the bass is not already in stock or on order.)

Delivery date will be determined by the builder's schedule, and is not able to be controlled by John Fox Bass.

Bass will be shipped via FedEx to the Customer immediately after being received from the builder and inspected, and after the remaining balance due has been paid in full.

Shipping to addresses within the Continental USA will be free of charge.

Customer to pay the actual shipping cost for shipments to addresses outside the Continental USA.

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