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How to Get Free Money Selling on Reverb

I was recently scammed, and was unable to get my money back from PayPal. So I figured I may as well provide instructions to anyone else who would also like to do the same thing and get some free money.

This article explains why it is NOT SAFE to pay for purchases using PayPal. It also reveals that PayPal is a completely unethical company.

I thought their Buyer’s Protection would work, but the scammer figured out how to defeat PayPal Buyer’s Protection, and now you can do the same thing and get free money from PayPal.

Here’s how to get Free Money selling on Reverb:

  1. Find a listing in any online marketplace for a desirable and expensive guitar or other musical item. Download the listing photos to your computer.

  2. Write a description of the item in your own words that is different from the real seller’s item description.

  3. Create an account on if you don’t already have one.

  4. List the item for sale at an attractive price, about half or 2/3 of what it should actually sell for. Use the listing photos you stole from the legitimate listing.

  5. Make sure you configure the listing so that only PayPal checkout is allowed.

  6. When someone buys the item, make note of their shipping address.

  7. Use Google to find any random business within the buyer’s same zip code.

  8. Ship a small worthless item to that random business.

  9. When the buyer opens a Dispute with PayPal claiming that they never received the item, add the tracking number to the transaction in PayPal.

  10. PayPal will deny their claim because you have proven that they received the item.


I know this scam works because it just happened to me.  I purchased a Skjold Drakkar Catacomb bass guitar from this listing on Reverb for $1,290, which was a ridiculous steal of a price. I have spent 10 hours corresponding with and speaking with PayPal, and they absolutely, positively will not refund my money, because they claim that I received the bass, even though the seller only sent a 1 lb. package to a different address in my town, and it was signed for by someone other than me.

Bottom line: Buyers should not pay with PayPal, since it is not safe. The Buyer’s Protection does not actually work. And Sellers should not accept PayPal, since the company is unethical. Even when a Buyer has been OBVIOUSLY scammed, they refuse to refund the Buyer's money.

Here is the Reverb purchase:


Here is the PayPal Dispute:


UPS Tracking Info for the worthless 1 LB. package sent to a random address within my zip code (UPS refuses to say to what address it was delivered):


...And PayPal's final ruling - CASE DENIED! : 


So, as you can see, PayPal "Buyer's Protection" can easily be bypassed, and you can easily get some Free Money.
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