Contact John Fox Bass by phone or email to order a custom Dingwall Afterburner, D-Roc Custom, Super J, Super P, Z series, Lee Sklar, or Prima Artist bass, hand built in Canada to your exact specifications.

The following additional new Dingwall basses are on order and available for pre-sale now through John Fox Bass:

4-String Customs

- Super J, "Jaco bass" (item 2112)

- Super P, Porsche Rivera Blue (item 2115) - Reserved

- D-Roc Custom, Black Limba body, Satin Natural finish, blacked out Maple neck, Wenge fb, Luminlay side dots (item 2041)

- ABZ, Trans Black (item 2124)

5-String Customs

- Afterburner I 3x, wenge neck/fb (item 2121) - Reserved

- Afterburner II Fretless (item 2113) - Reserved

- Super J, Surf Green (item 2116)

- Lee Sklar, Ari Gold (item 2117)

- Super J, Northern Ash body, X-Top (item 2118)

- Z3, Birdseye Maple Top (item 2119)

- Z3, Walnut Burl Top (item 2120)

- Z1, Fretless (item 2122)

- ABZ, Tobacco Sunburst (item 2123)

- D-Roc Custom, Matte Metallic Black (item 2125)

- Z3, Ferrari Red, Wenge neck (item 2126)

- Afterburner I, X-Top (item 2127)

- Afterburner II, Arbutus Burl top (item 2038)

5-String Imports

- NG3, Gloss Black Forest Green (due May, 2022)

6-String Customs

- Z2, Birdseye Maple Fretboard (item 2029)

- Z3, Wenge neck & fretboard, Spalted Maple Burl (item 2130) - Reserved

- Afterburner I, Ferrari Yellow (item 2128)

- ABZ, Trans Indigo (item 2129)

- Z3, X-top, Ziricote fretboard w/Topwood Block Inlays (item 2130)

- Z3, Redwood Lace Burl, BEM fretboard (item 2035)

- Afterburner I, Spalted Maple (item 2039)

If you would like to buy a Combustion, D-Roc, or NG-3 that is not listed above, contact John Fox Bass and we can order it for you.