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Adamovic bass guitars, built in The Netherlands by master luthier Nikola Adamovic

John Fox Bass is very proud to be your source for custom and pre-built Adamovic bass guitars. Several new basses for dealer stock are on order at all times, and we can help you decide on the specifications for your own custom bass. There is a VAST selection of beautiful tops available in dozens of exotic woods. In order to achieve maximum stability, their necks are built using an aging process that takes several years, and hence are pre-made and ready to accept your choice of fingerboard wood and headstock veneer (matching the body topwood). Basses can be active or passive, and there are many models to choose from in both single-cut and double-cut designs, solidbody and hollow, fretted and fretless, in scale lengths of 33", 34" and 35", with 4, 5 or 6 strings. Adamovic basses are built with ergonomics, aesthetic beauty, reliability and stability all ranking equally as important as tone. Contact John Fox Bass today for help choosing the Adamovic model and specs that are right for you.

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