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Aguilar NYC Artist Loft Collection

A collection of 30 basses from the former Aguilar Artist Loft in NYC.

These basses were featured in demonstration videos and photo sessions featuring Aguilar amps, cabs, effects and pickups.

Dave Boonshoft is donating his proceeds from the sale of these instruments to Immigrant Family Services Institute, Inc. in Boston, MA. This organization provides after school music lessons and other services to the children of recent immigrants to the Boston area.


# of Strings     Year    Builder    Model    Condition     Description        Price   

4    1975 Fender Jazz, Excellent cond.,  1 pc. N. Ash body w/Natural finish & black pg, Maple neck & fb w/binding, pearl blocks & clear gloss finish, 11 lbs. 6 oz. $2,499 now w/Aguilar pickups


5    2012 Alleva-Coppolo LG5 Classic Supreme Limited, Good cond., Alder body, Dakota Red Nitro finish, Maple neck, Brazilian Rosewood fb, 8 lbs. 14 oz.   SOLD

4    2019 Atelier Z    M#245 Jazz bass, Mint cond., Ash body w/Natural finish, Maple neck and fb w/white blocks, 9 lbs. 12 oz.     SOLD

4    2015 Bluesman Vintage DeVille P bass, Heavy Relic (Summer NAMM 2015)    Excellent     Alder body, Vintage Sunburst Heavy Relic finish, Maple neck and fb, 7 lbs. 11 oz.  SOLD

4    2014 Brubaker JXB-4 Jazz bass, Mint cond., Alder body w/Natural finish, quilted maple pickguard, Rosewood fretboard, master Vol, 2x Pickup Vol, Passive tone, Mid Boost    SOLD

4    2011 Ernie Ball MusicMan StingRay 3 EQ H SLO Special, Excellent cond.,  Ash body w/Vintage Sunburst finish, Jazz neck w/1.5" nut, Maple neck and fb   SOLD

5    2015 ESP LTD Bunny Brunel Signature fretless, Mint cond., Mahogany or Alder (?) neckthru w/clear caramel finish, fretless ebony w/epoxy coating    SOLD

4    2014 ESP LTD Rocco Prestia PJ, Mint cond., Ash body, Spalted Maple top, 5 pc. neck maple w/walnut stringers, 22 frets, only 7 lbs. 2 oz.  SOLD


4    2013 F Bass VF4-P, Very Good cond., Alder body, Fiesta Red finish, Birdseye Maple fb, Mint except for a chip and a ding, 7 lbs. 12 oz.  SOLD

5    2016 F Bass  VF5-JM, Mint, 2 pc Ash body w/Pale Blue Burst finish, Maple, Aguilar pickups and OBP-03 preamp    SOLD

5    2013 Fodera Emperor Standard, Mint cond, Ash body w/Flame Maple top, Natural finish, Maple Flame Maple 2-tone neck w/Pau Ferro fb, 9 lbs. 11 oz.   SOLD

4    2013 Fodera Monarch P (# 003!), Mint  Alder body w/ Ivory top, natural finish, 3 pc. Maple neck & Indian Rosewood fb    SOLD

6    2016 Ibanez BTB1806, Mint as new condition, 24 frets, 10 bs. 8 oz.   SOLD

5    2017 Mayones Custom II Pi vf fan fret, Mint cond., Swamp Ash, Clear Gloss, 9 pc. neck, Buckeye Burl top w/Wenge Contrast Layer, Ebony fb   SOLD

5    Mayones Jabba, Mint cond.,  2 pc. Ash body, Trans Orange finish, Bound Rosewood fb, 9 lbs. 15 oz.   SOLD

5    2018 MTD USA Saratoga, Mint 100% New cond., 1 pc Roasted Ash body, Maple neck, Highly Figured Birdseye maple fb, Aguilar Super Doubles & Preamp, 8 lbs. 2 oz.  SOLD 

4    1978 MusicMan StingRay, Fair cond., heavy Ash body, Olympic White (aged to cream), Maple neck and fb, killer tone, 12 lbs. 0 oz.   SOLD

5    Nordstrand Nordy VJ5, Excellent cond., Alder body, Sonic Blue finish, Maple neck w/20 frets, Rosewood fb, Nordstrand pickups (passive), 9 lbs. 8 oz.    SOLD

6    2012 MTD Kingston KZ6 string,  Mint cond., Mahogany body, Figured Maple top w/Vintage Burst finish  SOLD

4    2011 PRS SE Kingfisher,  Mint cond., Alder body w/natural finish, 5 pc. neck - Maple w/Walnut stringers, 24 frets, 19mm spacing, 8 lbs. 5 oz.   SOLD

5    Soame Jazz bass, Mint cond., Alder body w/Metallic Copper finish, thin Maple neck, Maple fb, 35" scale, 22 frets, 18mm spacing, killer tone 9 lbs. 14 oz.    SOLD

5    2017 Skjold Drakkar, Mint cond., Mahogany body w/beautiful Myrtle top, Natural finish, Wenge fb    SOLD

4    2012 Spector USA Coda 4 (Jazz), Mint store demo cond., Alder body w/Burnt Orange finish; Tort PG, Pau Ferro fb, 9 lbs. 10 oz.  SOLD

4    2008 Valenti Jazz, Fair cond., Swamp Ash body, Natural, Black pickguard, Maple neck and fb    SOLD

8    2004  Zon Sonus 8 string, Mint cond., Alder body w/Quilted Maple top, clear natural finish, Graphite neck and synthetic fb  SOLD

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