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1978 MusicMan StingRay

1978 MusicMan StingRay

1978 MusicMan StingRay in nicely aged (yellowed) Olympic White

Cosmetically Fair condition, several chips and a few scratches


Hear this bass here:

And also a more detailed walkthrough here:

As it says in the video, the bass has been fitted (by Aguilar) with Aguilar pickup and preamp, so you get boost and cut instead of boost only. The pickup sounds the same as an MM to my ear. The tone is killer and the strings are not even fresh at the moment.

This bass weighs 12.0 pounds, not for the faint of heart.

But for those for whom tone is more important than weight, this bass delivers!!

The action is SUPER LOW, and the neck feels INCREDIBLE.  It is effortless to play.

I don't really want to sell this one, but I'm going to post it for a little while to see what happens.

Don't be surprised if you see the listing disappear - you've been warned.

Comes in the original case which is in excellent condition.


NOTE:  Price is not negotiable, and I'm not interested in any trades.

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