1983 Jackson Rhoads V s/n RR0005

1983 Jackson Rhoads V s/n RR0005

1983 Jackson Rhoads V, Serial Number RR0005

"Only four cooler guitars in the entire world"


This is likely to be your one and only chance ever to score a legendary piece of rock and roll history of this stature...  a single-digit Jackson Rhoads V in excellent condition.


This very special guitar has been extremely well cared for in its almost 40 year life, with only a few minor paint chips, pickguard wear, and very light buckle rash in one area of the back, easily visible at the proper angle to the light. Minimal fret wear. All original except for the strings.


The tone is incredible and the playability is exactly as one would expect. 

I am absolutely NOT a guitarist, that is for sure. But if you can suffer through my pathetic noodling, you can get a sense of what this guitar sounds like in the hands of a total hack, plugged into a little Roland combo amp and recorded with a cellphone:


It would be a treat to hear it in the hands of a virtuoso player.


This article gives the history of the making of this guitar:



Price includes shipping, fully insured, within Continental USA.