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Caveman Audio BC1 Bass Compressor

Caveman Audio BC1 Bass Compressor

SKU: bp1c

Just like their preamps, this Caveman Audio BC1 Bass Compressor pedal is magic!

It unbtrosively makes you sound like a better bass player. 

It gives you full control of the attack (response time), release (sustain time), and threshold (sensitivity to input signal level).  

Of course you can control the output level, but there is also a separate Boost level control so you can instantly switch in a bit of boost (or cut) without having to touch the main Level control.   

The switches on the rear are for Instrument or Line level, Series or Parallel mode, and Ground Lift, as well as both Balanced (XLR) and Unbalanced (1/4") inputs and outputs make this a totally pro grade "always on" compressor suitable for your most important shows and recordings.


Here are complete product details on the Caveman Audio website.

And here are some killer demos and a very detailed walkthrough of the design concept of this amazing pedal.


This is a PRE-ORDER listing.   Right now I have only this one DEMO unit, which is not for sale. (Please come to the shop to try it out for yourself if you can.)

I am taking pre-orders, and they will be filled in the order received. 


9/18 UPDATE: Latest update from Caveman Audio, received on Sept 18, said:  "We expect the BC1 to go out by the end of this month."   

They will be shipped to me by air, and I will be able to fulfill orders either the same day or the next business day, depending what time the delivery arrives here. 


The final price will be $599 including free shipping to the Continental USA.

This $100 deposit will be credited toward the purchase, with a balance due of $499 when your pedal is here and ready to ship to you.

    This item is expected to be ready to ship in September
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