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Dingwall 35th Anniversary Darkglass Distortion Pedal

Dingwall 35th Anniversary Darkglass Distortion Pedal

SKU: dgdw35

Dingwall 35th Anniversary Pedal Bass Distortion Pedal

Each unit is numbered n of 600 total. 

Only 350 will be available outside Europe. 


This pedal is the fruit of the awesome ongoing collaboration between Dingwall and Darkglass.
The simple layout can easily transport you anywhere from dark and warm to growling to melting the skin off your face.

Controls: Drive, Level, Tone
Can be battery operated, or powered with a common 9V center negative power supply.
Dimensions: 2.52" x 4.37" x 1.38"
Made by Darkglass in Finland


I have tested this pedal, and it's unlike any other distortion pedal I have tried.
Both the Drive and Tone settings are fully usable on all settings from 0 to 10. You cannot dial in any unusable tones!
With the Drive on 0, it sounds like a warm but perfectly clean tube amp (like a Sadowsky SA200, Aguilar DB-751, Mesa Strategy Eight:88, etc. not being pushed too hard).
But as you gradually turn up the Drive, the tube magic kicks in, and as you get past 1 o'clock on the Drive knob, it starts to shift into a full frontal assault, the type of heavy tones that made Darkglass famous.
The mids are scooped to avoid creating mud, and there is enough clean remaining in your signal to carry the note well. 
But with the Drive and Tone both on 10, look out! You better have a guitarist who can keep up with you, or you will be the one getting all the attention!

(c) 2023 John Fox Bass


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