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Dingwall Afterburner I 5-string Fretless - UNBELIEVABLE Charcoal Magenta Burst

Dingwall Afterburner I 5-string Fretless - UNBELIEVABLE Charcoal Magenta Burst

SKU: dw7130

This is a SUPER RARE opportunity to own a custom Dingwall with zero wait time!

This bass has JUST ARRIVED at John Fox Bass, and it is AVAILABLE!

The customer who ordered it had an unfortunate change of circumstances which forced him to have to cancel his order just as the bass was about to be painted.  So instead of the original finish that he chose, I asked Dingwall to let the painter (Paul H.) get inspired and paint it HOWEVER HE WANTS. 

The result is nothing short of UNBELIEVABLE!  It actually looks like a polished gemstone instead of a piece of wood. I have never seen any instrument so beautiful in my entire life.


This is a fretless Afterburner I with the new segmented fret lines, which are super cool. 

It has a Blacked Out Maple Neck - one of the last few Dingwalls to be built with this discontinued option.

It has FD3 pickups, which have a massive midrange presence that is IDEAL for a fretless bass, and also the Series/Parallel Toggle Switches so you can boost your mids when needed.

The body is alder, with a pre-bleached Buckeye Burl top and Charcoal Magenta Burst gloss finish, and it weighs only 8.6 lbs. 

The fingerboard is a very special and rare piece of highly figured Macassar Ebony with some striking pink-hued sapwood that complements the finish beautifully. 

Best of all, it's available right NOW for you to purchase!


Free shipping within the Continental USA.  Free or nominal shipping cost to the rest of the world - contact me before purchasing.


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