Dingwall Z2 6-string w/BEM, X-Top in YOUR color - February, 2022 delivery!

Dingwall Z2 6-string w/BEM, X-Top in YOUR color - February, 2022 delivery!

Custom order brand new Dingwall Z2 ready for delivery in February, 2022

Original customer had to cancel his purchase, so this bass is now available.

It has not been painted yet, so YOU can choose the finish!

You can also choose the preamp, and the pickups, and optionally add series/parallel switches if desired.

The current configuration that is already built and cannot be changed is as follows:


Z2 6-string - $4,710

Flame Maple contrast layer - $300

Quilted Maple X-top - $930

Wenge neck - $525

Birdseye Maple Fingerboard - $600 (may be the last BEM board to come from Dingwall)

Blue Pearloid Block Inlays - $430

Blue Luminlay Side Dots - $115

Black Hardware - $0

Total without preamp and paint: $7,610


Options available to you:

Add Glockenklang: $420

Add Darkglass Tone Capsule: $555

Add Series/Parallel Switches: $135

Change to FD3 or SF2 pickups: $30

Custom finish:  $0 to $660 depending on what finish you select


This bass has been fully built, and is now ON HOLD pending YOUR choice of finish and electronics to complete the build.  It is scheduled for delivery in February, 2022.

Therefore, this is about the shortest possible wait time you could possibly get for a custom Dingwall and still choose your own color and electronics.

Purchase this item for $7,610, then we will send a separate invoice for whatever additional items you choose to add.  (Note: You MUST choose a preamp since the body is already drilled for the preamp.)


Contact me ASAP with any questions.