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Ibanez BTB1806 6-string Neck-through

Ibanez BTB1806 6-string Neck-through

Ibanez BTB1806 - The Very Best of the BTB Bass Line

This bass came from the Aguilar Artist Loft collection.

It has never been privately owned, and it is in 100% mint as-new condition. 

It has been professionally set up and is ready for stage or studio right out of the box.

Based on the Serial Number, I assume it's a 2016 model, but it is essentially brand new.

Here is a description of this bass taken from the Sweetwater website:


We've seen many of the finest instruments on the market today, and few basses compare with Ibanez's BTB1806 6-string bass. In some ways, the look of its rosewood top and sleek 9-piece neck are downright understated, that is, until you pick it up and get a closer look. The contour alone is enough to make you feel at home, and whether you're rocking out down by the zero fret or up high along the deep cutaway, there isn't a spot on the BTB1806's neck that doesn't feel great.

Great feel and amazing looks are only the beginning — the BTB1806 bass delivers monster tone backed by equally impressive sustain and stability. That 9-piece neck is graphite reinforced, with Gotoh tuners on one end and a Mono-rail V bridge at the other. In between, you get a set of premium Aguilar DCB dual-ceramic-magnet pickups, known by pros for their exquisite balance of attack and sustain. An active 3-band EQ with three midrange modes and a bypass switch extend your tonal options even further, while final touches including a zero fret and a locking Neutrik output jack complete the picture.

World-class Aguilar DCB pickups plus killer tone shaping

There are many great reasons world-class bass players swear by Aguilar DCB bass pickups, which make them an obvious choice for Ibanez's BTB Premium models. These dual-ceramic-magnet pickups give your BTB1806 an extended range of tonal versatility, offering a fine balance of responsive attack, smooth sustain, and complex harmonics. They're also known for sounding great in both passive and active setups, which is why Ibanez integrated a bypass switch into the BTB1806's 3-band EQ.

Speaking of that 3-band EQ, when you're running in active mode, you'll be impressed by the extended tone-shaping options this equalizer delivers. For starters, it covers a massive range of gain, allowing you to make dramatic cuts and boosts when you need them. There's also a 3-mode midrange switch, which allows you to sculpt your overtones to fit any musical style or playing method. You really couldn't ask for a more flexible bass tone.

Neck-through design ensures exceptional sustain

You can trace the history of the neck-through design all the way back to Les Paul's famous 1941 "The Log" solidbody guitar prototype or to Rickenbacker, who gave us the modern version in 1956. Either way, generations of innovators and top-tier manufacturers have relied on neck-through designs for superior sustain.

Pick up an Ibanez BTB1806, and you'll experience exactly what makes neck-through construction so popular. You can feel the BTB1806 vibrate clear through its ultra-stable 9-piece wenge/bubinga/maple neck, all the way down to the strap peg. The extended sustain doesn't just add body to your tone, it also provides greater tonal balance that you'll hear in every note you play. And thanks to its system of graphite reinforcement rods, this neck isn't going anywhere once it's set up, so feel free to beat the tar out of your strings if you like.

Mono-rail V bridge enhances definition and sustain

Premium tonewoods are always a treat, and even those of us surrounded by Sweetwater's warehouse full of beauties get excited about fine appointments. But nothing is as important as the way an instrument performs. Many players overlook the importance of the bridge, but not Ibanez. That's why Ibanez selected a top-quality Mono-rail V bridge for the BTB1806.

Unlike single-body bridges, each Mono-rail V saddle is completely separate from the others. This does two things for you. First, since they aren't connected, the saddles create minimal sympathetic vibration. This prevents unused strings from ringing. Second, each saddle is double anchored, allowing energy to transfer efficiently between the string and the body. As a result, you can expect astonishing clarity and sustain from your BTB1806.

Ibanez BTB1806 6-string Bass Features:

  • Astonishing BTB Premium series 6-string bass featuring top-tier tonewoods and electronics
  • Boutique-style 6-string bass delivers top-shelf appointments for an off-the-shelf price
  • Graphite-reinforced 9-piece wenge/bubinga/maple neck ensures extreme playing stability
  • Neck-through construction provides exceptional stability and ensures a high level of sustain
  • Ash wings with rosewood back and top combine jaw-dropping looks with natural tonal complexity
  • Rosewood fingerboard fitted with precision medium stainless steel frets, including a zero-fret nut
  • 6-piece Mono-rail V bridge ensures complete string isolation and maximum sustain per string
  • Passive, dual-ceramic Aguilar DCB pickups balance attack, harmonics, and sustain perfectly
  • Shape your tone with an active 3-band EQ, complete with 3-way midrange switch for added versatility
  • Bypass switch lets you cut out the EQ for a fully passive pickup tone
  • Scale length: 35"
  • String spacing at bridge: 17mm
  • Weight: 10 lbs. 10 oz. (10.625 lbs.)
  • Includes: Hardshell case and setup tools
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