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Pedulla Hexabuzz 6-string Fretless

Pedulla Hexabuzz 6-string Fretless

Pedulla Hexabuzz 6-string fretless

Super rare bass, and a tone monster

Gorgeous Flame Maple top, Arctic Night (blue/turquoise) finish

3-piece neck-through construction made of maple/flame maple/maple

Lined ebony fingerboard with tough clear polyester gloss finish

Bartolini JJ pickup configuration

Bartolini TC4 preamp

Controls: Volume, Blend, Tone

Low action, killer mwah, sounds awesome!

Weight: 9.75 lbs.


Based on the unique design that first brought M.V. Pedulla to prominence, the MVP (fretted) and Buzz (fretless) basses combine hard-hitting tone with player-friendly ergonomics, making them favorites for the stage and studio alike. Available in 4-,5-,6-, and 8-string configurations, these basses feature neck-through body construction for superb sustain and tone, plus a sleek and facile neck shape, ebony fingerboard, and a beautifully sculpted flame maple body. The ergonomic design includes a deep cutaway on the treble side for easy access to all 24 frets, and an extended bass-side horn that provides a perfect balance point when a strap is used. 
 A three-piece laminated maple neck passes through the entire length of the body, providing maximum focus and sustain. In addition, a double-acting truss rod and two steel stiffening bars in the neck reinforce and maintain stability. The 24-fret ebony fingerboard is inlaid with 5mm mother of pearl dots, and its hardness resists wear and contributes to the distinctive tone and sustain.


Hardware was specially chosen to complement the natural acoustic design of the instrument, as well as for their quality and reliability. A durable and lustrous polyester finish protects the bass from the rigors of performance and travel. The fretless version, the Buzz series, embodies the essence of fretless bass: responsive to every nuance, able to translate the most subtle of musical expressions, yet possessing the same authoritative tonal spectrum as the MVP.
Its polyester-finished fingerboard is glass-smooth, giving the Buzz its distinctive voice, while protecting the ebony from the rigors of performance and round wound strings. Inlaid white markers in the fingerboard guide the player, and are especially helpful to both beginners and seasoned veterans. All other features of the Buzz are identical to the fretted MVP models.

BODY WINGS: AA or AAA Flame maple, Optional Limited Edition 5A Flame maple
NECK: Capillary (neck-through), 3 piece maple laminate
SCALE LENGTH: 34 inches
FINGERBOARD: Ebony with gloss polyester finish
NUMBER OF FRETS: 24 inlaid white markers
INLAY: Mother of Pearl, 5mm dots
NUT: Bone
TRUSS ROD: Single rod, double-acting adjustable with two stiffening bars
STRINGS: .030, .045, .065, .080, .100, .128
WEIGHT: 9 lbs. 12 oz.
BRIDGE: Hipshot 3-way adjustable machined brass
MACHINE HEADS: M.V. Pedulla/Gotoh
STRAP PINS: Schaller Gold (strap hardware included)
PICKUPS: Made for M.V. Pedulla by Bartolini: JJ
ELECTRONICS: Active, Bartolini TC4 preamp
CONTROLS: volume, pan, tone
CONTROL KNOBS: Anodized aluminum (black with marker)
FINISH: Gloss polyester, Arctic Night color

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