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Rockhewer Custom Guitars "Tribute" Fretless 5-string

Rockhewer Custom Guitars "Tribute" Fretless 5-string

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"New" 2016 Rockhewer Custom Guitars "Tribute" fretless 5-string

This amazing bass was originally built in 2016 as a fretted bass. 

It was recently upgraded by Rockhewer to change it into a fretless bass with EMG pickups and preamp. It has a beautiful, midnight black ebony fingerboard with a full cyanoacrylate coating for nice crisp and long-lasting mwah, and big easy-to-see luminlay side dots surrounded by brass rings, as well as edge fret lines to make it very easy to see where you are on the neck.

The fantastic EMG BQS 3-band preamp has a sweepable midrange (variable center frequency with the outer ring), and of course bass and treble. 

The build quality is unreal - easily rivaling that of the famous California bass builder that provided the inspiration for this nicely "balanced" (hint, hint) design.

According to the builder, this would be a $12,000 bass if built new today.

It is available now for less than half of that, which makes for a very compelling offering.

You can read more about Rockhewer on the Rockhewer Customer Guitars Facebook page.



Body: Flame Maple core, bookmatched Crotch Walnut top and back, with maple, bubinga & wenge accent strips

Finish: Natural

Neck: 9 pieces - Western flame maple, wenge, bubinga & Eastern rock maple

Fingerboard: Ebony w/Cyanoacrylate coating, short fret lines under B string

Tuners: Wilkinson with Ebony knobs

Bridge: Hipshot D w/Rockhewer Custom fabricated toaploading tailpiece

Strings: 5

Frets: 24 (fretless)

Scale length: 35"

Pickups: EMG MM5CSX w/matching wood covers

Preamp: EMG BQS

Controls: Volume, Blend, Bass, Midrange/Midrange Center freq. (stacked), Treble

(Note: The fifth knob controlled the original LED side dots, and is no longer functional)

Nut width: 1 7/8" (brass nut)

Neck width @ 12th fret: 2 15/32"

String spacing at bridge: 16.5mm (adjustable +/- 0.5 mm)

Weight: 11 lbs. 1 oz. (11.0625 lbs)

Case: Brand new Fodera hardshell case

Condition: Excellent - would be mint except for one small light scratch in the center of the back of the body, as shown in the photos

Here is a video demo and walkthrough of this bass:

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